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The study team at the clinical site has many actors: principal investigator, sub-investigators, study coordinators, study nurses etc.

The Clinical Research Nurse, under the guidance and supervision of the Principal Investigator (PI), ensures that the clinical trials are conducted following the study protocol. This position is primarily responsible for the accurate completion of visit procedures and collection of information from the patients participating in the study according to protocols to protect the health, safety and welfare of research participants. In some particular cases, the study nurse may act as the study coordinator.

AIM: to prepare properly study nurses for their participation in clinical trials developed in Romania.

METHOD: Different physicians, clinicians or laboratory specialists, playing the role of participating in CT as investigators and clinical research logistics coordinators are speakers for this project.

Nurses would have the possibility to put the knowledge in practice (1 day of practical exercise in a phase I unit and a lab).

Organizers: AVANTYO  - Institute of Clinical Research 

Location: Online

Language: -

Trainer: Come back later for more informations

Attendance only by online reservation. Booking available after registering on this site.

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diana.lupu@avantyo.com (0726 840 456)

andrei.grigore@avantyo.com (0728 453 248)

If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for the next course or you need something else, please let us know at info@avantyo.com. Do not forget to mention your specific education needs in clinical trials.

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Nurses from hospitals, who are already active as study nurses or willing to be, with medical general or laboratory medicine background.

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