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Next: Clinical Trials for Study Coordinators on February 1st & 2nd, 2024

About us

AVANTYO Institute of Clinical Research is a networking platform offering opportunities to new talents as well as to experienced clinical research professionals to interconnect, learn and advance their research and development plans to achieve success in the field of clinical research.

The pharmaceutical industry is under enormous pressure to develop new medicines most efficiently, time and cost wise. The need for collaboration, consultations within the various stakeholders and expert communities is of the essence to make better-informed decisions, achieve breakthroughs and grow the business.

AVANTYO's efforts have the absolute goal to enable a faster patient's access to new medicines, by facilitating the networking and need for collaboration between all players involved in the clinical research process.

AVANTYO's management team is composed of specialists in clinical research, marketing, media and IT, highly dedicated to delivering the most efficient conferencing and training solutions for a wide range of clinical research professionals. A platform of  3 operating pillars is the keystone to AVANTYO's offering: conferencing, training and consultancy.

Key experts from industry, academia, regulatory bodies, specialist vendors/3rd parties are engaged in AVANTYO's events as trainers, speakers, moderators and advisers with the purpose to enable both executive managers to stay best informed on latest trends and legislation in the field of clinical research, as well as for new leaders to improve their knowledge and progress in their carriers in clinical research.

Our mission

We are committed to the highest ethical standards

AVANTYO's mission is to enable patients to access novel medicine faster by offering
an efficient platform for clinical research professionals to meet and interact with the purpose to advance medical science.

Our values

What we stand for


Our activities

Clinical Trials Symposium CONFERENCING

AVANTYO offers a premium platform for interactive networking between the various actors in the clinical research field in form of a yearly international conference.

Roundtables TRAININGS

We improve education in clinical research by bringing together most senior experts from all segments of the clinical research arena with the new leaders, with satellite stakeholders, as well as with direct and in-direct decision makers which impact on the efficiency of the the clinical research process – all with the ultimate goal to enable patients´s access to new medicines faster. The trainings are organized in form of a series of Workshops and Roundtables, which shall take place across the year.


We advise companies on tailor-made, smart solutions to navigate through the specific challenges of clinical trial execution, by using the long-year knowhow of our core team members and extended network of expert partners.