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Next: GCP Entry Level on April 26th, 2024


CRA Advanced Level
CRA Advanced Level Next date: 26 January 2024 The Module 2 – CRA Training – ADVANCED is dedicated to Clinical Research Associates (CRA), Senior Clinical Research Associates (CRA), Junior Clinical Associates, Clinical Research Assistants (CTA) and other professionals who have already graduated the Entry-Level Module 1 of CRA Training as all other clinical studies specialists (physicians, pharmacists, biologists, biochemists etc.) willing to improve their monitoring skills. Read more
CRA Training for Entry Level
CRA Training for Entry Level The Module 1 – CRA Training for Entry Level is dedicated to junior Clinical Research Associates (CRA), Clinical Research Assistants (CTA), young professionals willing to enter in the clinical trials field as monitors, such as physicians, pharmacists, residents, students, biologists, biochemists. Read more
INTENSIVE STUDY NURSE TRAINING A course for professionals who are already active as study nurses in hospitals or willing to be, with medical general or laboratory medicine background. The course offers knowledge to ensure that the clinical trial is conducted following the study protocol. Read more
Postgraduates for Project Management in clinical trials
Postgraduates for Project Management in clinical trials The program provides a structured approach to developing knowledge and skills which will enable you to develop your research portfolio or, more commonly, assist in the management of an existing portfolio. Read more
Life science graduates
Life science graduates An introductory course in the clinical research field enabling you to understand the various components and tasks linked to the delivery of a clinical research project. Read more
Refresh GCP
Refresh GCP This interactive training offers the opportunity to refresh your GCP knowledge to understand better the implications for the quality management system of the sponsor and its suitability for sites in practical terms. Read more
GCP Entry Level
GCP Entry Level Next date: April 26th, 2024 This training offers the opportunity to aquire basic GCP knpowledge for professional willing to enter in clinical trials field (investigators, clinical study teams or refferals , i.e. clinicians, GPs, study coordinators, study nurses,physicians, pharmacists, life science graduates), Clinical Trials Assistants (CTA), Clinical Research Coordinators(CRC), and other medical related profesionals who would like to build a career into clinical research scientific domain. Read more
GCP Advanced Level
GCP Advanced Level This training brings the opportunity for getting more advanced GCP knowledge for professionals who have already experience in working in clinical research (i.e.investigators and stusy teams representatives, study coordinators, study nurses, Clinical Trials Assistants (CTA), Clinical Research Coordinators(CRC), Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) and have already graduated or attended to an entry level GCP training. Read more
How to become an investigator
How to become an investigator This course addresses to physicians, both newly graduates or experienced, interested to contribute to the progress of medical research. Read more
Clinical Trials for Study Coordinators
Clinical Trials for Study Coordinators Next date: February 1st & 2nd, 2024 A clinical research coordinator is in charge of managing clinical research as per the protocol, ICH- GCP, and other regulatory needs. Primary responsibilities normally include administering questionnaires, informing the participants about the objectives of the study, collecting data, participate in recruitment of the subjects. and managing all the trials. Clinical research coordinators also have to explain the subjects the things that are expected during the trial and resolve any concerns. This means that a clinical research coordinator needs communicative and interpersonal skills. Read more