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Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should register and have an account on www.avantyo.com?

The www.avantyo.com platform is designed so that participants in our courses & training sessions have an account to be used when they book an event or look for their Certificates of Attendance without having to fill in the data each time.

To register on our site, click on MyAccount button from the right upper corner on any page of this site and fill in the information.

How do you register your account on www.avantyo.com?

To have an account on the www.avantyo.com education platform, you should click on My Account button in the upper side or go directly to https://www.avantyo.com/my-account. Then, fill in the fields.

How do you book a seat to an AVANTYO training / course?

To BOOK (register) to an AVANTYO training or course, you need to have an account on this site. That will allow you to book your seat.

There are two steps:

1. Login into your account or create one

a. Check the red button under the price box


b. Go to MyAccount in the upper side of the page and login or create an account

2. Book and Pay from the page of the event. Click the BOOK red button under the price box.

Click here for instructions in Romanian.

How do you book a training / course?

The BOOK RED BUTTON from the course page will become active after you will login to your account. To LOGIN see the upper side of the event page or https://www.avantyo.com/my-account.

Click on the BOOK RED BUTTON and follow the rules. Fill in the blanks and choose a type of payment. After booking your seat, you will receive a confirmation on your email. However, your seat is reserved, only after the payment is confirmed.

How do you pay your course?

Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer.

When do you get a firm reservation to a training / course?

Your seat becomes valid after your payment confirmation.

If you have chosen the bank transfer, soon we will send you a proforma invoice to make the payment. The final invoice will be sent to you after we receive your payment document.

If you have paid by credit/debit card, you will receive your invoice when your payment is confirmed.

If you attend a free event, after you register you will receive a message that includes the confirmation for your booking.

How do you get your certificate?

After the completion of a course, the Certificates of Attendance will be available to be downloaded from your account on www.avantyo.com.

In order to access your certificate, you should login into your account, then click on “Your certificates”.

See the detailed steps here.

Why you should subscribe to our newsletter?

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive information about the events, training and courses we organize. Check the image above on the right upper corner of our site or click here.

Why you don’t receive the newsletter even you have already subscribed?

In case you have subscribed to our newsletter, and you don’t receive it, there are three explanations:

  • Your email server treats the newsletter as spam and blacklists it. Find whitelisting solutions here to pass on to your IT support.
  • The newsletter has reached the Spam or Junk folders of your email account. In this
    case, the solution is to add us to the contact list. Download the contact here.
  • You have unsubscribed. To re-subscribe, click on subscribe to the newsletter.

Do you still have questions?

For assistance please contact us at info@avantyo.com or 0726 840 456.