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“Are the clinical trials sufficiently understood?” | Webinar for media

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“Are the clinical trials sufficiently understood?” | Webinar for media

AVANTYO INSTITUTE OF CLINICAL RESEARCH and the INSTITUTE FOR DEVELOPMENT IN HEALTH AND EDUCATION, are organizing the webinar for media “Are the clinical trials sufficiently understood?” on the 14th of December 2020.

There is an increasing need for enrolling patients into clinical trials testing the most innovative discovered molecules which might solve some urgent health issues. The best example is what is happening nowadays when only by the development of clinical trials it has been found a solution to solve the crisis brought by COVID-19 pandemic – the vaccine against Sar-Cov2.

The journalists are the most indicated vectors for the right information of the population. Therefore, they should be very well informed and educated upon this subject.

By attending this event, the journalists will get a proper understanding of the clinical research, and they will be able to cover the lack of knowledge on this subject of the general public, helping patients to be more confident into their chance for life through the novel medication research.

The webinar for media will be held in Romanian, on Monday, December 14, 2020, from 11:00 to 13:30 (EET). See more here.


The speakers will share information about what is a clinical trial and what are its implications into the patient’s life, regarding the SARS-Cov2 vaccine development, how the participation into clinical trials sometimes is the only solution for patient’s treatment, and also a testimonial of a patient will be disclosed.

Speakers and moderators:

Director of the Institute for Development in Health and Education, Romania

CEO AVANTYO Institute of Clinical Research;
President of Clinical Trials Symposium, Romania

Visiting Professor | Faculty of Journalism, University of Bucharest;
Co-Founder & President at Center for Innovation in Medicine, Romania

Founder and head of “Saint Nectarie” Oncology Center, Romania

E-Patient, Asociatia Melanom Romania


This workshop is for journalists and other persons interested to learn more about clinical research and the benefit of developing clinical trials for patients, and who want to get updated and correct information from trusted and professional sources.

Attendance by online reservation. See more here.

The webinar for media “Are the clinical trials sufficiently understood?” is supported by ARPIM.

For more details please contact: anca.bejenaru@avantyo.com, +40 742 231 001.

We will be more than glad to welcome you to our event!

Best regards,


Posted on: 08 December 2020