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AVANTYO co-organizer of the Conference on “Future of clinical trials, AI and data”

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AVANTYO co-organizer of the Conference on “Future of clinical trials, AI and data”

We have the pleasure to announce the Conference on “Future of clinical trials, AI and data”, a free online event held on Friday, 25 September 2020, 11-18h (EEST time) / 9-16h (UK time).


We are witnessing a biotechnological revolution and more companies invest huge funds in the biotechnology industry. Biotechnologies are at the heart of cancer and rare diseases therapies and they offer a tailored treatment which is more beneficial for the patient.

We will be discussing the state of clinical trials in biotechnology in Bulgaria and Romania, regulatory burden, investment, lack of expert personnel, public attitude, other challenges as well as achievements.

Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), patients’ data processing and its reliable storage will be also considered. Speakers from the UK will showcase the UK experience and best practices.

The event will serve as an opportunity to extend already established UK-Bulgarian links in biotechnology towards clinical trials, as well as develop new commercial opportunities in this sector. Romanian partners will be also introduced and thus a sustainable business network between the UK and East Europe will be established.


UK, Bulgarian and Romanian decision-makers, academics and companies will discuss the latest regulations, tendencies and innovative research in clinical trials such as:

  • Importance of developing clinical trials – a real benefit for patients and physicians
  • Developments and challenges in Bulgaria and Romania (regulatory, scientific and operational challenges)
  • UK experience and best practices in clinical trials (regulations, research)
  • Patient data handling, GDPR and regulatory compliance
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in clinical trials
  • European legislation in clinical trials
  • Crisis situations (like Covid19) – calls for new approaches and quick actions

Objectives of the conference

  • to showcase the UK experience and best practices,
  • exchange information and practicalities on the UK, Bulgarian and Romanian legislation in clinical trials,
  • establishing collaborations of the UK with innovative East European


Representatives of the UK Health Research Authority, NIHR Clinical Research Network, Bulgarian Association of Clinical Research and Ethics Committee for Clinical Trials, The Romanian Ethics Commission, The Association of Companies Conducting Clinical Trials in Romania, as well as a number of companies, academics and patients from the three countries.


If you are involved in research or regulations of clinical trials, and are interested in participating, please register by 24 September – tick the square next to the event “25/09 Future of Clinical Trials”.


The UK Science & Innovation Network (SIN) in Bulgaria and Romania, British Embassy Bulgaria, Biotech Atelier Bulgaria, and AVANTYO Institute of Clinical Research Romania.

The event will be in English and no translation will be provided. 

The registration is free of charge. Please register at https://biotech-atelier.com/ba2020/registration/ by 24 September – tick the square next to the event “25/09 Future of Clinical Trials”.

See more on the page of the event.

See you at the conference!

Posted on: 21 September 2020