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Clinical Trials Symposium 2019

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Clinical Trials Symposium 2019

Welcome to the Clinical Trials Symposium! We are pleased to announce that our 2019 edition has started, under the patronage of the European CRO Federation and Romanian Association of CROs.

We have highlighted so far the importance of developing clinical trials in the medical community, an overview of the real benefit for patients and physicians and the busy activity of the European CRO Federation activity.

As the industry expands with a complex and ever-increasing competitive environment in conducting clinical research, we are pleased to host this national event, share expertise and also learn about the clinical research community of professionals in this region who have considerable expertise to help improve clinical research across Europe.

A focused audience of professionals is present, including key decision makers and senior executives from a large number of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, clinical research organizations (CROs), key research experts, laboratory specialists, technology innovators, and representatives of community of patients, all with the purpose of sharing their experiences and solutions on how to navigate the variety of problems that are essential for the success of completing an effective clinical trial.

Thank you for joining us!

Posted on: 11 October 2019