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Cristina Racoceanu, new Interim President at NAMMDR

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Cristina Racoceanu, new Interim President at NAMMDR

Cristina Racoceanu was appointed by the Romanian Minister of Health as President of the Romanian National Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (NAMMDR), just one week after taking over the positions of Vice President with attributions regarding the technical-administrative activities.

Previously, Cristina Racoceanu held a management position within the National Authority for Health Management and Quality, by coordinating the Elaboration of Accreditation Standards for Outpatient Health Units. She is also an associate professor at the National School of Political Studies and Administration (NSPSA).

Mrs Racoceanu is the third interim president to lead NAMMDR in 2020. She replaces Dr Bujor Almasan appointed to this position in May after Dr Roxana Stroe who held the position since January.

The National Agency of Medicine and Medical Devices in Romania (NAMMDR) is the competent authority for clinical trials in our country, together with the National Commission for Bioethics of Medicines and Medical Devices in Romania.

The law no. 134/2019 on the organization and functioning of NAMMDR regulates that a president and two vice-presidents elected by competitions organized by the Ministry of Health should be the heads of the agency. However, in 2020, these positions have been appointed on an interim basis.

According to the legislation, the agency should have a Vice-President with responsibilities for specific scientific activities and a Vice-President responsible for the technical-administrative activity. Both positions are now vacant.

Who is Cristina Racoceanu

According to her CV on the NSPSA site, Cristina Racoceanu has over 20 years of experience in the field of health services as a manager. She is also an associate professor at the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations from the NSPSA, teaching "Strategic Management in the Medical Sector" for the postgraduate specialization in <<Health Communication>>.

She is an expert of the European Commission Directorate for Information Society and Media, and she got her PhD in International Relations and European Studies at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca and an MBA at OUBS London –UK. She had numerous materials published in Romanian publications and abroad, and also more research works for European projects.

Sourses: www.anm.ro, www.360medical.ro, www.comunicare.ro

Posted on: 22 October 2020