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Elections at UMF

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Elections at  UMF

Professors Doctors Adrian Streinu-Cercel, Cătălina Poiană and Viorel Jinga are the candidates for the position of rector at Bucharest "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy - UMFCD. The first round of elections will take place on February 10th and the second on February 17 2020.

Dr Adrian Streinu – Cercel, PhD, is an infectious diseases senior physician, manager of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases “Prof. Dr Matei Bals ”. At the same time, he is the head of the Department of Infectious Diseases (I) within the UMFCD, and in 2012 - 2016 he was the president of the Senate of the institution (left).

Dr Catalina Poiana, PhD, is a senior endocrinologist, head of the Pathophysiology and Neuroendocrine Pathology section of the National Endocrinology Institute "C. l. Parhon" in Bucharest. She is also the president of the College of Physicians in Bucharest and heads the Department of Endocrinology within the Faculty of Medicine (centre).

Dr Viorel Jinga, PhD, is a senior urology doctor, head of the Urology Clinics in ”Prof. Dr Th. Burghele” Hospital and one of the deputy rectors of UMFCD (right).

Currently, the rector of the university is Prof. Acad. Ioanel Sinescu, PhD, elected twice.

We are looking forward to the election's results and we are pleased that the new rector of UMF CD from Bucharest will be led by one of the main investigators and supporter of clinical trials.

Source: https://umfcd.ro/candidati-la-functia-de-rector/

Photo: umfcd.ro

Vector created by Patrickss - www.freepik.com

Posted on: 16 January 2020