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TESTIMONIALS - “Are the clinical trials sufficiently understood?” | Webinar for media

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TESTIMONIALS - “Are the clinical trials sufficiently understood?” | Webinar for media


ALEXANDRA MANAILA - Specialized Journalist in Medical Field

"I consider that it is extremely important for the journalists to take advantage of every opportunity they have to learn new things or deepen the knowledge of certain notions assimilated some time ago. Medicine is constantly changing, new information is always appearing and obviously the journalists have to be the first that find out all the news and to distribute them after the information is going through their own filters.

The webinar for media entitled “Are the clinical trials sufficiently understood?” combined the old with the new. I knew quite a lot about clinical trials but there is always room for refreshing you memory. The new and sensational part, however, is the one related to Covid-19 vaccine and what was different in this case regarding the development of the clinical trial stages. There is no news in this period that starts without Covid-19 topic, therefore we cannot miss such a topic. I liked this webinar because somehow it felt what the press needed and came up with information about anti-Covid – 19 vaccine, it had as guests clinical trials specialists, doctors and patients too, therefore we had more opinions and we were able to approach from several angles the topics."

MARIANA MINEA - Viata Medicala

“I gladly accepted to participate at the Avantyo webinar organized especially for journalists
because I have already participated in other events organized by them and I expected it to be
interesting. And so it was. I already knew something about clinical trials from the rubric of
medical education realized with Avantyo “Clinical trial pill”, which has more than a year on
the market. But a live event has another adrenaline rush. I really liked the intervention of Mr.
Gabriel Buiculescu, a patient diagnosed with melanoma who administers the advocacy
treatment and he talks about his experience – how lucky he was to be enrolled in a clinical
trial with this innovative drug and this was possible because a doctor made him the
connection with another doctor who is involved in such studies. The information about the
existence of clinical trials enrolling patients is very important and it should be known by as
many doctors as possible and also the patient associations, in the case of Mr. Buiculescu
being about a very active association Romania Melanoma. How it would be that all patients
and the doctors on all pathologies to have access to such resources?”

CALIN MARCUSANU - Saptamana Medicala

“We thank the organizers for the opportunity of this conference and to find out things that concern everyone's health!"

Posted on: 15 January 2021