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The medical investigator and his team, an interview in Viata Medicala Magazine

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The medical investigator and his team, an interview in Viata Medicala Magazine

Dr. Cristina Florescu Moraid is interviewing Dr. Andreea Cristina Dumitriu, Country Lead at Premiere Research Romania, about the importance of the clinical research investigator and his team, pointing on the crucial roles in developing a drug of this clinician who knows very well the criteria for enrolling a certain type of patient and who rigorously selects the right people for a clinical research project.

Why do doctors choose to work in clinical trials and become investigators? “The participation in a clinical study somehow completes the clinical activity of a doctor, allowing him to participate in the development of advanced therapies for his area of scientific interest and his speciality. It is an extra step in his professional development. Also, he has a positive impact on its patients, being able to give them access to the most modern and state-of-the-art treatment methods. In the end, you contribute to healing and saving people. It is a feeling that is good for any doctor” says Dr. Dumitru.

The lead medical investigator - Principal Investigator (PI) is primarily responsible for how the study is conducted. But he is not alone. To conduct a clinical study in a research centre (site), a study team is needed and it has to perform all the procedures in the study, to ensure data quality and patient safety. Within this team, the roles are divided and very clear: principal investigators, sub-investigators, coordinators, study assistants, and also pharmacists, specialists in medical imaging.

The article has been published on 22nd of May 2020, in Viata Medicala magazine no. 20, on page 10, in the “Clinical Trials Pill / Pastila de studii Clinice’ series, in the section “Essential / Esential”. See here the article in Romanian.



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Posted on: 26 May 2020