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What are the educational needs for clinical trial professionals in order to better respond to 2020 challenges?

The roundtable will focus on educational needs of clinical research professionals in 2020, in the context of the expected changes in the process of submission & approval of clinical trials, due to the new Clinical Trial Regulation (EU 536/2014) and of the new organizing rules of the Romanian National Agency for Drugs and Medical Devices – ANMDMR based on the 134/2019 law.

Date: November 29, 2019, 14:00

Location: Casa Doina, Şoseaua Pavel D. Kiseleff 4, Bucharest

Host: Dr Cristina Florescu Moraid, CEO of Avantyo Institute of Clinical Research

Roundtable program:

  • What are the educational needs of the clinical trials professionals in 2020
  • Update on Clinical Trials approval in Romania at the end of 2019 and ways to improve it in 2020
  • 2020 Clinical Trials Symposium – a customized approach to the CROs and ACCSCR  needs

Participants' profile:

This workshop is dedicated to executives of the ACCSCR members.

The participation at roundtables is by invitation only and free of charge.

Tiberiu Esanu - Testimonial - CRA for Entry Level - 25-26 March, 2021

Despina Militaru - Testimonial - CRA for Entry Level - 25-26 March, 2021
Cristina Buleu - Testimonial - CRA for Entry Level - 25-26 March, 2021
Carla Luchian - Testimonial - CRA for Entry Level - 25-26 March, 2021
Dr. Cristina Florescu Moraid
Andreea Grosu - Testimonial - CRA for Entry Level - 25-26 March, 2021

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/_q8zUa4sK_4" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Ana Maria Ion - Testimonial - CRA for Entry Level - 25-26 March, 2021
Testimonial 2
Gianina Buzuleac - Manager of Clinical Trials Center, Antibiotice S.A.

Avantyo is already a well-known knowledge provider in the field of clinical studies. All the events organized by Avantyo that I attended with my colleagues, have confirmed every time the professionalism of the whole team. The course "CRA - Training for Entry Level" from 27 to 28 February 2020, wanted nothing more than to point out the basic principles and especially the way of thinking in the spirit of GCP (Good Clinical Practice). From my point of view this desire was successfully achieved. We need to develop successful clinical trial projects in Romania and this cannot be possible without thorough knowledge.

We will definitely be present at future events! Good luck Avantyo!

Testimonial 3
Silviya Guncheva

It was a great pleasure for me to take part in the Entry Level CRA Training. The organization of every detail throughout the 2 days of training has been brilliant. We have had the privilege to receive extensive training from Dr Catalina Sarbu, GMBA & Director Clinical Operations in Parexel. Dr Sarbu has managed to summarize well and provide us with the essentials of the various phases of the clinical trial process. Her presentation was interactive and therefore she has managed successfully to draw the attention of the audience throughout the whole time. Each part of the training has contained salient examples from Dr Sarbu’s practice. I was able to receive a great deal of knowledge which will allow me to progress further to the next step of my career in clinical practice.

Testimonial 4
Alexe Lavinia Claudia

My name is Alexe Lavinia Claudia and I am a doctoral student at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Craiova. I attended this course without expectations but knowing that we will receive a certificate when accomplishing it. Why do I say that I had no expectation? Because having them, we forget to enjoy the act itself. What did I find here? A wonderful lady, Catalina Sarbu, who for two days calmly explained to us, exemplified us, so that in the end we get the appropriate level of beginner monitors. Thank you! And see you at the next course!

Testimonial 5
Testimonials from Evaluation Forms - CRA Training Entry Level 27-28.08.2020

“Congratulations on choosing the speaker; her input & performance was brilliant. Location was central, very clean, lunch very tasty & the staff very professional. Congratulation to Avantyo! Good work! Good luck with the next ones!”

“This course is an excellent initiative. The maximum grade!  Thank you!”

“The course was very constructive. The speaker performed a very good presentation”

“Congratulations to Dr Catalina Sarbu!”

“Excellent training, very comprehensive and perfect organized!”

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